Cheesy Urban Love Poem


Oh New York City, how I’m falling for you
Not your glitz or your glamor
Nor your self-professed edginess
It’s your diversity of humans that’s making me sigh

Your professor activists and Wall Street suits
Your subway dude hobos and cat walker crazies
Your Brooklyn religious, hipsters and artists
It’s your weirdness and kindness
And short-tempered mess
It’s your rude, crude humanity
That makes you so you

You’re stealing the show in the strangest of ways
Not your fancy nor nice
Not your best picture perfect
Oh New York City, I’m falling for you


  1. NYC weirdness and kindness, I’m with you there.
    Love the diversity,
    Humor straight after a door slammed in your face.
    Sirens like mating cats, funky music in subways.
    Rapping Salvos on street corners
    Obi Wan Kenobi cab drivers.
    Deep breath of life, take me there.

    • That’s exactly it! Such a fascinating place! Also, sirens like mating cats describes about 10% of every single day of my life in this city super accurately! 😉

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